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Gold Text Template Tutorial

Today I wanna show you how to prepare editable template for gold text.

Create document 500 x 225 pix

create document
Use Horizontal Type Tool.
Write desired text (can be changed later). Use 50% gray for text color. #808080 Font used is Anastasia.

create text
Now we will add some Layer Styles.

Drop Shadow

add drop shadow
Inner Shadow

inner shadow
Inner Glow

inner glow
Bevel Emboss

bevel emboss


Now when text is styled please add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer as follows

adjustment layer
Now you Layers Panel should look like this

layers panel
Plese select both layers using shift and click, then right click and convert to smart object.
Now we change color background to #454545 and we add inner glow like this

background styling
This is how it should looks so far. This is not spectacular I know but it will be after some adjustments.

Please select smart object. We will add some more Layer styles.

Drop Shadow

drop shadow
Inner Shadow

inner shadow

Color Overlay

color overlay
Now it should look like this

Please add Curves Adjustment Layer

Now add solid color layer #050066 and change blending mode to Exclusion and Fill to 72%
Now add another solid color layer #ffcb4b and change blending mode to Soft Light and Fill to 64%
this is effect

We are almost done we need three more adjustment layers

Color Balance

Curves Adjustment Layer. Please change Blue channel as on picture. Put it in Vivid Light blending mode 30% Fill

Please add Hue Saturation Layer. Blending mode "Color Burn", Fill 30%

And this is final effect

It is still editable text. You just have to get into smart object by double click on it and then you can change Font or text by editing only one text layer.
Hope you enjoy.
And here you can download source file

Download (677)


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